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Not sure what services your organization needs? Contact our experts, who will put together a personalized cyber security package for you!

Not sure what services your organization needs? Contact our experts, who will put together a personalized cyber security package for you!

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As we’ve come to realize, the idea that security starts and ends with the purchase of a prepackaged firewall is simply misguided.

– Art Wittman, Oracle NetSuite  –

Do you know what your organization needs to do to create cyber security?

IT systems have now become indispensable tools of everyday life. So much so that today not only large companies and offices, but also small and medium-sized enterprises require their employees to master the use of these systems at a skill level. However, everyday use most often does not mean safe operation at the same time. That’s when we come into the picture.

Our company has been providing its partners with complex solutions in the field of cyber security for 20 years, and although we are proud of our experience, we owe our success not only to our two decades of professional experience.

The secret of IT Secure is the customer-centered approach, the precision of the services we provide and, of course, continuous development, which is essential in the IT world.


IT Security


Data protection

IT Policies

IT security

Information security officer

The use of cyber security services is not only recommended or necessary in certain industries, but even mandatory. The IT Secure team helps state administration and local government bodies, as well as regulated players in the private sector, with turnkey solutions. Our company’s priority area of expertise is the so-called Information security officer service (ISO for short), which guarantees not only data security, but also legal compliance.

Vulnerability testing

When users browse the web, read e-mails, download programs, they are unwittingly exposed to cyber security risks and virus attacks. The primary goal of the vulnerability assessment service provided by IT Secure is to shed light on possible attack points that allow unauthorized access to your company data, data theft and related abuses and damages.

Log analysis

While your organization runs its day-to-day business, in the background firewalls, anti-intrusion, anti-virus and other corporate IT systems are constantly logging their operations and sending signals. As part of our log analysis service, our experts help in the interpretation of these logs and signals, so possible deviations, anomalies, break-ins or break-in attempts can be easily detected.


Preventive cybersecurity measures help minimize risks. Hardening is an excellent tool for this, as it can be used to reveal vulnerable points and correct configuration errors. During the analysis, by logging in to the servers with administrator rights, we examine all the settings of the server that are important from a cyber security point of view, under the supervision of a system administrator.


IT system audit – IT audit

The aim of our IT system audit service is to make sure within the framework of a full-scale examination whether your systems really meet the requirements of the company, established practice or legal regulations.

IBTV audit and preparation

With its IBTV audit service, IT Secure has been helping domestic state and local government bodies comply with current legal regulations for nearly a decade. Our experts prepare and check our partners as needed, so that they are able to translate the theoretical regulations into everyday practice.

MNB audit and preparation

The Magyar Nemzeti Bank (The central bank of Hungary) formulates rules, guidelines and recommendations for financial organizations in many areas, including, of course, cyber security. IT Secure MNB’s audit service helps meet these expectations.

IT risk analysis

As part of our risk analysis service, our experts assess the cyber security threats lurking on your company’s infrastructure and business, the estimated effects of these threats, and the likelihood of their occurrence.

NIS 2 preparation

With the 2024 deadline approaching, it is imperative that the companies concerned prepare for the rules of the new NIS 2 directive and the related cyber security regulations. Are you ready for a change?

Data protection

Data protection officer service

Our experts, trained as part of IT Secure’s data protection officer service, perform the tasks assigned to them as external employees. Our partners can count on us for everything from the development of a comprehensive data protection concept to consulting and handling customer complaints and data protection incidents.


GDPR compliance and preparation

The GDPR is a uniform system of data protection rules for all companies operating in the European Union that collect, store and process personal data. The GDPR compliance and preparation service offered by IT Secure helps your organization comply with these guidelines.



A ransomware attack is not only simpler, but also much cheaper to prevent than to solve it. That is why ITSecure protects the security of your data in a complex way, with a total of 10 effective services in 3 areas, and takes up the fight against cybercriminals.


IT policies

IT security policy

With the help of the IT security policy prepared by our company, you can lay the foundations of cyber security in your organization. The goal of IT Secure professionals is to create a customized, easy-to-understand, practical IT security framework for our partners that can be used perfectly in everyday life and can be linked to existing internal processes.

IT security incident management

Our IT security incident management service offers customized cyber security solutions for your organization. IT Secure experts use continuous monitoring, supervision, and appropriate preparation and expertise to ensure that attack attempts on your network really remain attempts.

Business continuity plan and planning

In a well-functioning organization, the reception, processing and transmission of information cannot stop without IT tools. As part of our business continuity planning and business continuity plan (BCP) service, IT Secure experts prepare you for unexpected situations.

IT disaster plan

A possible natural disaster, man-made emergency or cyber security incident can create a tense situation in the life of an organization. The IT disaster plan service offered by IT Secure, on the other hand, helps the organization regain access to its critical business function hardware, software and data as quickly as possible.


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